What is a patient lift?

man with disability being transferred in a patient lift

man with disability being transferred in a patient liftA patient lift is a device that helps a caregiver transfer a patient with limited mobility from the bed to a chair and back. Patient lifts are operated either manually or automatically. A manual lift is operated by hydraulic-manual pumping. An automatic lift is operated by an electric motor. All of our patient lifts are designed to be operated by a caregiver or family member at home.

At Mobility Access Options NW, we offer different types of lifts:

  • Floor Models
  • Freestanding Units
  • Ceiling Mounted Units
  • Travel Units

The type of lift you need will depend on the size and layout of the room. It will also depend on what your needs are. We understand that one solution cannot accommodate everyone’s unique situation.  To supplement this demand, we offer a full range of lifts and other home care safety products. The products are designed to provide you or a loved one with independence. Let us provide you with the right lift that will fit your unique needs and care environment.

We just put a lift system in a home for a woman whose taking care of her husband. It got to the point where she couldn’t lift him anymore. Having an automatic patient lift installed in her home has really helped make both of their lives much easier.

With patient lifts, private insurance will sometimes pay for these lifts and so will the Veterans Health Administration. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.